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Want to be writing other things...

Man, I fucking love anthropology, but this whole thesis writing is tor-chew-us. I will probably the postin' the final-ish version for all of my lj friends to read, meaning if I've given you permission to read my virtual diary then you can read it. If not, then you won't get to see it. I do this (I've done it for all my sca papers) because there's a publish issue with SCA corporate that I don't want to deal with, and to cover my ass, I don't want to "publish" it on the internets.

In other news...well there isn't any other news. Mr. Thesis is a selfish, controlling lover who collects all my paychecks, doesn't let me phone my friends or mom, and always demands to know who I'm texting/chatting with. But, don't worry, I've been sneaking a dollar here and there and soon I'll have enough saved up to leave in the middle of the night while the Committee are left to deal with his insufferable attitude. Why oh why didn't I get an annulment when I still could?!

Ok, enough with the battered wife metaphor. That's just wrong, I guess.
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