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Ok, so, I have to wait for reviews, the edit, put together some sort of presentation, defend, and THEN I'll be really done. But, the actually hard-core writing part of the thesis is OVER. Capslock just cannot capture my level of excitement right now!!!!! Neither can punctuation. To give you an idea of how overwhelming this whole experience has been consider this:

This Sunday a few friends & neighbors of mine and I are going to smash, break, crash, shatter, and otherwise destroy a previously-purchased stockpile of the finest Goodwill china. Now, BEFORE you tell me that it's incredibly wasteful (like Boifren did when I told him), know that we'll be destroy things that 1). people didn't want, 2). on a giant tarp to contain the litter/mess/danger, and 3). I -really- need this. for...psychological reasons.

In other news, the spinningwheel wheel came in the mail the other day. Hopefully a metalsmith friend of mine will be able to help me out with the footman-connector-thingy that I need from it. Come Thursday (ie: payday) I'm buying a bicycle wheel and ordering the cheapest ashford flyer I can find. And then, finally, I can start building this fucking spinning wheel that I've been obsessing over for months now.

In other other news: my dad is married. AND...they're going to Jamaica for a week. AAAAAND...I'll be "watching" Bebo for a week, which will totally suck for him since I don't have a TV or game system or fancy gaming computer or satellite or extra car for him to cruise in or anything else that he may actually have fun having/doing/operating. On the plus: I'm getting paid. Hopefully dad has the foresight to not hand a wad of cash to Bebo, who will most certainly only give me a fraction of the real amount. I -do- have to feed him, so he better not try to cheat me.

What else don't you want to know about my life in the current moment? Well, I made the mistake of wearing my "europe" shoes today. If you're wondering why this is a mistake it's because I wore that pair of shoes - and only that pair of shoes - for five weeks straight while back packing in europe. With.out.socks.

yes. I did.

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