anthro_polly (anthro_polly) wrote,

First Fleece

I bought my first unprocessed fleece at Gulf Wars this past week. It was 8 bucks total, and I'm splitting the cost & wool with a friend (although not the processing labor, which I now know kind of sucks). I'm kind of jumping in head first and don't really know what I'm doing except for a few basics and what I've gleaned from ravelry forums & threads on fleece prep. Here are some photos:

Before washing:

After washing:

I've done 3 washes & rinses in my top-loading washing machine but I just don't think it's getting clean enough. I'm thinking that I'll have to wait for the wool to dry, then comb/flick the ends where a lot of dirt seems to be stuck and then wash again. Here's what I mean:

Also, I know the water in my washing machine (an apartment one) isn't anywhere near 140 degrees F - mostly because I have no problem putting my hands in it, and I do not, by any means, have any kind of tolerance for heat.

Perhaps I should wash small batches on my stove? Or heat water on the stove and carry it down stairs to the washing machine? Or do this in my bathtub? Help!
Tags: woolery

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