anthro_polly (anthro_polly) wrote,

Fiber Crazy!

So, I've barely finished washing the fleece I bought a week ago - my FIRST raw fleece - and I'm already scouring ebay, google, and youtube for resources on making my own processing tools, cheap alpaca fleeces, and (this is my favorite) dyeing rovings and yarn with kool aid. Now, I already kind of knew about this stuff but never really paid much attention to processing my own fibers. First of all, I thought that I'd have to have tons of money to do this. Fortunately, that's not the case as long as: 1). I'm not snobby, 2). don't mind doing a little extra work initially to get what I want, and 3). I plan and think and plan and think. Turns out, I can make most of the things I need for relatively cheap. They may not be pretty or brand name, but I'll have made them. So, a list!:

1. viking combs - medieval & primitive, even scary - yes; effective & cheap to diy - most definitely
2. drum carder - slightly more complicated and expensive to make, but a diy DC can be less than 1/3 of the commercially bought versions, probably a little crude, but likely just as effective as long as I do #3 above a lot.

Ok, it's a short list. There are other tools that I'll probably need...but right now that's what I'm shooting for. Also, I'm going to be getting a flyer very, very soon, as in within two weeks or less. And a 20" bicycle wheel, and a few other things. Do you know what that means? If you picked C. motherfucking spinning wheel, you won! I can -finally- build that thing and maybe start using it! (after I teach myself, because I really have no idea how to actually spin using a wheel. I get it in theory but just have to get to  that practice bit).

Second: As a kid I pretty much hated kool aid (unless it was rasberry lemonade or cherry), however, what it lacks as a beverage it more than makes up for as a cheap, effective, and fucking amazing method for dying rovings and yarn. I almost want to throw that whole god damn fleece I just bought - and haven't finished washing - into a pot of grape or black cherry right now. Just to see what happens.

I -need- to be doing this (and anthropology) 8-9 hours a day, every day, forever.

In anthropological news: I'm defending April 13th, and I'm kind of nervous. I want My People to come, for sure, but I'm afraid they'll hate me afterward. They probably won't. They're nice. I think they kind of like me a little. But, you know, I've kind of been studying them like animals, and what if they don't like the things I say? I've tried sending out my previous papers several times to everybody I can wrangle an email address out of, but I've RARELY gotten any feedback. So...we'll see.

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