anthro_polly (anthro_polly) wrote,

Two Words: Spinning. Wheel.

That's right. It's here. I mean, I'm finally building it, and it's nearly done! I need to do some last minute fiddling and hole drilling and screwing in various hardware bits. But, other than that, I've got the basic components put together.


I know it's a small pic, but above is the base with -very securely- attached 20" bicycle wheel. The pile of stuff in front of it includes the flyer I'm borrowing (thanks Nancy!!) and the mother of all to hold the flyer, some tools, a bag of sand, and other stuff I'm using to make the treadle/pedal system.

Above: aerial shot of the wheel-to-frame attachments.

Above: another view of the wheel-to-frame attachment site. The rectangle base (pictured below) and the frame pole is filled with sand up to the connection with the bike wheel. It makes for a much more stable structure that barley, nearly imperceptibly wobbles. Which is pretty good for a cobbled together bunch of pvc and miscellaneous hardware.

I'll probably finish it tomorrow! Woo!
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