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Spinning Wheel Bust

It's finished. And...not entirely functional. "Surprise, surprise," some of you may be thinking, but the key word is "entirely." As in, it's -mostly- functional. The problem is, as I feared a few months ago after seeing a Babe's Fiber Land wheel in the flesh - uh - pvc, with the size of the PVC piping. I used 3/4" PVC. Most Babe wheels, I now know, use at least 2" pipe. Because I filled the base with sand, it's pretty solid, but I couldn't fill the upright with sand. It's very flexible and shakes and shimmies violently when I treadle. Even if I did fill it with sand, I'd still have the same problem because it's still be proportionally top-heavy.

I have decided to re-make this wheel (yes, I am that stubborn, "ornery," and hard-headed) using 2" or bigger PVC the second time around. I'm also going to improve upon the design by using "buttresses" of sorts, based on Babe's "pinkie" wheel. I also like the concept behind this design, but I'm a little skeptical of the stability of the whole thing. It also lacks a treadle which kind of defeats the purpose of a spinning wheel (to me, anyways - I'm getting into this business to have -both- hands free to draft)

Well, here are the pictures. I also realize that I need to make the whole thing shorter. The wheel itself needs to be lowered a good four inches. Then the mother-of-all can come down more so that it's about 2 inches above the wheel or less. Then the flyer can come down a good two inches. In short, the whole thing is too tall. I'm going to keep the base wide in my next design, but move the wheel assembly to the middle of the base so that there will be equal portions of the base in front of and behind the wheel. 2" PVC filled with sand/gravel should be plenty heavy to stop all jerking caused by the force of treadling. I think the lower center of gravity will help as well. Also, the larger pvc shouldn't be as flexible and will likely resist bending caused by my foot repeatedly slamming down on the treadle.

I'd love to get some good shots at Babe's footman construction, but he/she is smart and has managed to make sure only thumbnail-sized photos are on the internet. Jerk.

I also forgot that I wanted a built-in Lazy Kate, so now I can do that! And, I won't add the treadle as an after-though, because what I have going right now is shitty.



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