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Just Make it Clap

So, I've finally jumped on the band wagon (a little late, I know), and started knitting my very first Clapotis (clap-O-tea). "Started knitting" isn't really an accurate description of how much time I've put into this scarf already. Actually, I started it a couple of weeks ago, and now that I can devote more time to knitting, I'm almost done with it. I'd purchased to skeins of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn a while ago. In two different dye lots. I wasn't planning on using either for my rendition of the Clap, but I'd always heard that Noro has these amazing, long color changes. So, I decided to give it a test run. I fell in love with the first skein, which has all the colors of the forest at the very beginning of fall. I decided to stripe the first & second skein for about 6 inches (which was enough to use up the last bit of the first skein, lucky!) and finish the Clap with the second skein. The second skein is more spring-y in color, hues of purple, pink, blue, an electric yellow, bright teal, and some gray. Somehow it all works perfectly, and the striped section makes for a smooth transition between the two skeins. I think. I hope. I'm kind of biased at this point. All in all, I'm totally infatuated with Clapotis. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that for the past 18 months I was working on the scarf of death, aka the Dr. Who Scarf (15-20 feet of straight up motherfucking garter stitch, ya'll). Regardless, I'm enjoying this mindless knitting a lot. Probably more than I should. I mean, I should probably start looking for challenging knitting. Like lace. Or intarsia. Or a fairisle sweater knit in lace/fingering weight. Whatever.

So, I've just spent the past, oh, 200-300 words talking about my knitting, but that's only because the next most pressing things on my mind are a little overwhelming. I'd end up spewing my cognitive baggage all over this screen, taking anyone and everyone who is unfortunate enough to read the first syllables of "whatthefuckamidoingwithmylifeholyshiti'mgraduatingbutiwon'thaveajobinabouttwoweeksandihavetolookforanewplacetoliveandi'myoungandinexperiencedasfarastherestoftheworldisconcerned....."

down with me into an abysmal depths of anxiety and self-doubt. And probably naivete. Plenty of that round these parts, too, I'm sure.

I guess all you need to know is that: I'm graduating. My current employment ends immediately upon my graduation. I've sent out manymanymany job applications. I've spent the last two months looking for a new roommmate and a new 3 bedroom apartment that met all of our (Boifren & Smuggi & mine) requirements. And, I officially declined my offer to attend OSU. AND, I am PETRIFIED that I will do NOTHING in this Ford Lumina town that will put me on a path towards...something awesome. Or at least something that doesn't make me feel like I'm settling, selling myself short, etc.

Well, back to the knitting? where the hell did anthropology go? I totally stopped writing about anthropology at some point. That's probably because of Mr. Thesis, which, by the way, is OVER. Officially. As in, professionally bound and submitted in quadruplicate to the Honors College (and I have two extra bound copies for myself). Relieving doesn't even begin to describe how it felt to turn that stack of suck into Ms. Montgomery's office. If you have the opportunity to do an undergraduate thesis DO IT. I know that's not what you were expecting. I have complained about that beast for a long time. But the sense of accomplishment and also knowing that you're capable of that (and so much more) is pretty fucking satisfying. I pushed myself hard, but I know I didn't come close to my real limits. By limits I mean that I know that didn't completely exhaust myself to the point of being curled up in the fetal position in the corner, pants-less and muttering about the way things should have been.

This is starting to get too long and a little incoherent. Which means it's time to apply to more jobs!!!! Strategy for success, ya'll!
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