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In & out of the field

Today was day 2 of fighter practice. Less people showed up, but it was still a good practice. It's all data, right? That reminds me that I need to send out pdf copies of the consent forms. Observing was a lot more comfortable this time, not that it's really hard to feel comfortable around everyone in the first place. Everyone I've met so far has been very friendly and interested in helping me.

Since I -have- to take notes (I take them on small 2" by 3" pieces of paper, which seem to be less distracting than a huge notebook), I make it a point to let anyone who asks or wants to read my notes. If they can. I have to write very small, and my shorthand is weird. But I think it's important to share, or try to share, what I'm writing about them. I think it's more ethical that way. One individual always asks about my notes, but then declines the offer to read them when I hand the notes over. I explained that I was just taking notes to help me remember things that I might forget later. I also told the person that, if they didn't want me to take notes I wouldn't, and all they had to do was tell me to exclude them from the study and I would. <<Another reason why I need to get those consent forms out.

I'm starting to feel something like a real anthropologist. Can't wait for graduate school....

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