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Want to be writing other things...

Man, I fucking love anthropology, but this whole thesis writing is tor-chew-us. I will probably the postin' the final-ish version for all of my lj friends to read, meaning if I've given you permission to read my virtual diary then you can read it. If not, then you won't get to see it. I do this (I've done it for all my sca papers) because there's a publish issue with SCA corporate that I don't want to deal with, and to cover my ass, I don't want to "publish" it on the internets.

In other news...well there isn't any other news. Mr. Thesis is a selfish, controlling lover who collects all my paychecks, doesn't let me phone my friends or mom, and always demands to know who I'm texting/chatting with. But, don't worry, I've been sneaking a dollar here and there and soon I'll have enough saved up to leave in the middle of the night while the Committee are left to deal with his insufferable attitude. Why oh why didn't I get an annulment when I still could?!

Ok, enough with the battered wife metaphor. That's just wrong, I guess.
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Back from war

Home sweet, non-tent home. The tent wasn't that bad, until my dresses got wet. Then everything else in my tent got wet, too.

I just have to say that I've really missed running. As soon as I get myself back on schedule - as in eating normally again, I had no appetite at gw - I'm going to runrunrun far away. Ok, not that far, just past the cows and back. And, all of my heel pain is gone. I think it's because I just spent 4 days walking around on really soft ground, instead of concrete & in mocassin boots. Regardless, it means running is going to be even better.

And, either I'm really ripe & have smelled up the -entire- apartment in the few hours that I've been home, or some thing horrible happened in the kitchen area. Something horrible and smelly. It actually smells like soldiers fresh from 2-3 weeks in the field (with no showers and only 1 pair of bdu's). Ok, maybe it is my gw funk.

I have a ridiculous amount of fn's to write. ri. dic. u. lous. amount of fn's. Managan is going to love the extra 30 pages. And, I have to transcribe. I'm pretty sure that transcribing interviews - especially those recorded outside, and with three or more people who insist on speaking all at once - is at least the 3rd level of hell. LSU does have a transcription lab, which I probably won't be able to use at all since my recorder doesn't have a usb port.

Note to self: never miss tague's class again.

In a nutshell: gw's was fun, drunk (although I usually wasn't), and could have used a lot more potassium & wind. Or clouds. Clouds would have been fine, being in the full sun really kills my appetite. Gw's also screwed up all of my schedules, like eating, running, sleeping etc. My bed has never been so comfortable...except for the one time I spent a week on mom's couch.

I met some really great people. Pretty much everyone I met was super nice & friendly. Remind myself to thank frenchy for making people talk to me. But, it is nice to be back where I'm allowed to do more than look pretty and serve killians. I think I'm too independent to fully appreciate others, specifically men, taking care of me. But, I can appreciate the ideals behind the behavior.

Everyone at nova was fucking awesome. They're probably one of the more laidback camps there. Also, I have a soft spot for old men with beards, which are a-plenty in nova.

Matthias had the most adorable north-german accent I have every heard. It's a strong accent, even though his english is excellent, but I wouldn't call it thick. His voice is light and just slightly higher pitched than most. I've always loved that many german speakers substitute w's for v's.

More pictures of my craftivism in the name of research

I just finished the fully reversible matching hood to my gown. It took me about 5 hours to make, including drafting the pattern. I got -really- good at inserting gores, though (there were like 24 of them). I balanced my camera on my dress maker's form (tricky to do, since there's a knob on top of it), then I set the timer & ran to hop up on my coffee table in time. The hood is made in such a way so that when the two-tone part is on the outside, the colors match up with the gown. The whole outfit is pretty comfortable, and I think I might actually get cold rather than hot.

In & out of the field

Today was day 2 of fighter practice. Less people showed up, but it was still a good practice. It's all data, right? That reminds me that I need to send out pdf copies of the consent forms. Observing was a lot more comfortable this time, not that it's really hard to feel comfortable around everyone in the first place. Everyone I've met so far has been very friendly and interested in helping me.

Since I -have- to take notes (I take them on small 2" by 3" pieces of paper, which seem to be less distracting than a huge notebook), I make it a point to let anyone who asks or wants to read my notes. If they can. I have to write very small, and my shorthand is weird. But I think it's important to share, or try to share, what I'm writing about them. I think it's more ethical that way. One individual always asks about my notes, but then declines the offer to read them when I hand the notes over. I explained that I was just taking notes to help me remember things that I might forget later. I also told the person that, if they didn't want me to take notes I wouldn't, and all they had to do was tell me to exclude them from the study and I would. <<Another reason why I need to get those consent forms out.

I'm starting to feel something like a real anthropologist. Can't wait for graduate school....

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Running & Anthropology

Although I was still ridiculously sore from Tuesday, I decided to go on my usual run anyway. It was nice, although I didn't see any of my usual motivators (flocks of redwing black birds, calfs racing each other, surprised cows chewing their cud, etc). There was an old man walking on the side of the road. I ran faster to meet him. I'm thinking about incorporating some barefoot running on a treadmill once a week, which means the dreaded rec center.

When I'm not thinking about how hard it is to breath (I've NEVER been able to talk while I run, not even back in the days when I was running 3-4 miles and swimming the 500 3 times a week), I think about anthropology while I run. Today, I thought about my biological anthropology paper, which I should be working on right now. It's on homology and homoplasy and how they are used in systematics. The literature that I've read so far is rather dense, but I've tried to pick out 5 really good articles. Most of them are about the definition and/or identification of homoplasy and phylogenetic systematics. One person made a good point: that homoplasy might still refer to characteristics that arise from common ancestry, albeit very, very distant common ancestry. It's a good thing this paper only has to be 5 pages (as in, I can't more than that), although part of me wishes that the topic was either more specific or that there wasn't an assigned topic at all.

The rest of the time I thought about how I'm going to make my garb for gulf wars. I have a feeling that I'm getting so excited about sewing that I'm planning on making too many things. Also, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to garment-making. So, I don't want the garb to be functional. I also want it to look good, maybe not exactly specific to a certain period, but good.

I also thought about the physics of running: what the leg bones and foot bones do, how the pelvis moves. I imagined my organs bouncing around inside my abdominal cavity. I hope that doesn't really happen. Then I started paying more attention to what my body was actually doing. And, I kept feeling like I was leaning more to the right, and when I tried to correct it...well I couldn't really correct it. I don't know if it was because I was running on slightly uneven pavement (it's a pretty crappy road) or because of the 10 degree curve (to the right) that I actually -do- have in my spine. Or, maybe I just run really weird. I mean, I know my form is terrible.

I'm really excited about going to fighter practice again on Sunday. I think I was supposed to go to armor-making class tonight, but I -do- have this paper to write, which I should start working on right now.